Installation designed and created for STUDIO HAGEL’s product showcasing at the Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (CIFF) 
event in beginning of February 2023.

The installation was designed to reflect and embody the attitude of the creative studio. Encouraging playfulness and exploration through making.

The 8x4,5m construction was build out of 300+ foam puzzle tiles.
Referencing to the childhood memories we have as kids, building and puzzling structures. Showcasing an imaginary castle that we all dreamed of playing in.

Event invitation collage


Costume design


In ‘Mirror Image’ Stefan created a costume which characterises the embodiment of the archetypical  good versus bad.

Questioning who are we really competing against? Is it the other, or are we our own worst enemy?

Taking notions from knight armour, football jerseys representing the past and present of competing costumes, it is a way to illustrate and characterise these emotions, and show how they compete against each other.


Conceptual jewelry


As Humans we have evolved over time and are now slowly outgrowing our physical shells and mental capacities. We have satisfied the basic needs of being Human, and are now looking for more…

In the new challenging worlds of tomorrow, we will adapt and transcend our physical and mental abilities. New desires arise around the body which is not only serving practicality anymore…

DISTAL circa 3021

Innovation is at its highest peak and becoming ultra-productive is the goal of our society. The idea of consuming data and producing tasks faster and more efficient became an obsession.

Humans became enslaved by machines and their thirst for over achievement. We witnessed a shift in technology as well as in their aesthetically forms. The desire to become one with the machine increased more and more.

‘DISTAL’ is a tool that helps humans connect more efficiently to technology and realise their dream of ultra-productivity. ‘DISTAL’ is an articulated silver extension for the hand allowing to operate more precisely and perform at an higher speed. Humans can now transform into machines.
PALMAR circa 5543

The Earth resources have now been fully exploited which resulted in extreme climate changes: Violent storms, drastic temperatures, water scarcity.. Conditions became unfit for Humans, Who were forced to seek shelter on the outskirts of Earth.

Refuge is found in the high skies and in the depth of Earth’s ground. Humans started to build in The stratosphere which provided clean air, developing a world above 10.000 meters.

Others started to dig in the layers of the Earth, In search of soil charged with nutrients, to fuel their body and infrastructures.

With the world going back to a wilder stage, Humans had to bring back their primal instinct to survive. ‘PALMAR’ is an organic extension that triggers our primal instinct and transforms the Hands into powerful paws; which allow Humans to walk, run and hunt on four legs again.

Awakening our primitive forces.
HAMATE circa 8002

99,2% of all jobs and daily routine tasks have been automated, nothing is done by hand anymore, machines operate every detail of our lives.

With abandoning the manual function of our hands The hands became one of the most precious and sacred part of our Human body. It now is the symbol for the Human revolution; turning from creatures of labor into being of thoughts.

The hands became the heart of all our senses ‘HAMATE’ is a series of permanent implants that allow the brain to feel through the hands, low and high frequencies that were previously unreachable for Humans. Echolocation, Universal telepathy, Communication through vibration, became new skills that can be shared simultaneously between all Human beings.


Object installation


For my project I wanted to preserve the quality of the fur but alter it in a way that it becomes something new. I was fascinated by illustrations you can find in crop circles, this inspired me to shave the fur.

Next to the inspiration of the crop circles I got inspired by talisman objects. Objects that have a spiritual value, they can give luck or protect you from something.

After doing research into different talisman objects
I got the most fascinated by the Komainu guardian statues sometimes referred to as lion dogs, these guardian statues can be found guarding the entrance shrines as well as temples or even secular sites where they guard and ward of evil spirits.

The pieces I created are inspired by this idea “the protectors of the space”. They guard and watch over the space they are in, and protect it from evil spirits.


Prints, Graphics


Series of patterns inspired by the chaotic and abstract recollections.

The prints create a blur and have multi layered perspectives. Up close the prints feel tangable and detailed like cross hatched images. From a distant they create a moody and blurry atmosphere.